Excellence in drawing, painting and sculpture

Using methods inspired by the Renaissance and 19th century Masters, we teach principles providing the academic foundation for novice and experienced artists.

The REAL Academy of Art Colorado is the state's first and only art school certified by the Art Renewal Center, one of the world's most respected fine art organizations.

Why realism?

"The language of traditional realism ... can be understood by all people on earth regardless of what language they speak or write. Thus realism is a universal language that enables communication with all people -- past present and future." — The Art Renewal Center

The REAL way to learn art

Students at The REAL Academy of Art Colorado may begin their training at any time and work at their own pace.  Class size is kept small so students receive plenty of individual instruction and can participate in a supportive learning community.


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The REAL Academy of Art Colorado addresses the needs of students with any amount of experience -- including no art experience at all. Students receive highly individualized and specific feedback as they advance their knowledge of life drawing, portrait, cast, and still life. REAL also hosts sessions with guest lecturers covering a variety of subjects.

"REAL Art Director Ali Ghassan is dedicated to bringing out the best in his students using classical methods of teaching. His philosophy is that using proper techniques and hard work are far more important to an artist's development than talent."

— Sheri F.

"Ali is an exquisite art teacher, and he would share his best knowledge to help you to become an artist."

— Janjan S.