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From graphite and charcoal to oil painting and sculpture, we teach a curriculum based on techniques from the Old Masters for creating depth, distance, atmosphere, solid form, and convincing surface textures. The REAL Academy of Art Colorado is hands-on and interdisciplinary, teaching artists to look for the connections between art and the world around them using visual skills, information synthesis, and procedural fluency to ultimately create a robust portfolio of successful artwork.

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Anna Rose Bain Flower Workshop
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Our Mission

We teach visual literacy inspired by the Old Masters, hand-eye skills, and an appreciation for art—culturally, historically, and personally. Our curriculum and faculty challenge our artists to think conceptually as they grow and refine their voices.

Non-Profit Organization

A REAL Academy of Art Colorado (RAAC) education is funded through three sources of revenue: tuition, special workshops, and support of the annual fund from our community. Your gift supports our faculty and staff, economic diversity, academic and programming expenses, and facilities maintenance and upkeep. Giving to the annual fund directly impacts every aspect of our program and every artist at the Academy.

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Learning is ambitious at REAL Academy, and that is by design. We spend a great deal of time thinking about the art and science of teaching so that artists can deeply and authentically engage with the curriculum.

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