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Please contact us here, or call (720) 432-2039 to visit the REAL Academy of Art Colorado and find the best class arrangement to fit your goals.

A program is completed over a quarter, and classes are typically three hours. The academy's quarters are January-March, April-June, July-September and October-December. Students may begin training anytime during a quarter with permission from the Student Director.

Tuition is due the month before the beginning of each quarter.

Part Time:

Per quarter:

  • One class per week (12 classes) - $500
  • Two classes per week (24 classes) - $1,000
  • Three classes per week (36 classes) - $1,500
  • Full Time:

    Per quarter:

    Six classes per week (72 three-hour classes) - $1,750

    REAL Academy of Art Colorado grants financial assistance to make visual art training more accessible to qualifying, current students who are dedicated to completing our curriculum. Scholarships vary according to availability and individual financial need. They cover partial or full tuition and are renewable each quarter for up to one year. For more information and to apply for a scholarship, please review this form.

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    Questions? Please contact us here, or call (720) 432-2039